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Resolve: Retire the Pandemic

Resolve, ResolvePlus, and Resolve 2.0 are the most direct strategies to Retire any Pandemic


The Covid-19 pandemic has created unprecedented worldwide medical & scientific collaboration.  It has also created clear distinctions between economic and humanistic agendas.  Primary & specialty clinicians, working with innovative scientists have succeeded at practical, feasible, and reproducible solutions for this pandemic and created model systems for pandemics to come.


This pandemic created overwhelm in ICU-docs and  primary care alike, within urban hospitals to rural clinics in humble settings.  Saving lives, preventing hospitalizations, using re-purposed drugs and Early Treatment defined our success.  From dramatic rescues to collaborative science,  we developed our  proprietary products, secure supply chain delivery, and systems of physician education.


When lives are at risk, rapid use of existing drugs define our path forward.  Quickly improving critical patients’ immunity with pharmaceutical-grade nutrition enhances drug benefit.  It also extends our knowledge to ongoing personal immune protection.  Pharmaceutical, nutra-ceutical, and OTC products, distributed through international and local partnerships, enable home-based solutions within arm’s reach.

Our Story

The COVID-19 Pandemic has birthed a team of expert physicians, collaboratively working to manage patients’ successful recovery in the current and future pandemics.

The Successes that Shape Us

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Pharma-ceutical, Nutra-ceutical and OTC Products

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Pharmaceuticals must be prescribed by a licensed physician.  Nutritional supplementation is optimized by pharmaceutical grade quality.  Innovative OTC products can be leveraged safely for all ages. 

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